Without a doubt, a wedding day is one of the most special days in the lives of a couple. Getting it right with the correct wedding planner Brisbane is a very crucial step in making the day really idyllic and memorable. Some aspects that must be perfectly on the dot are the bridal showers. But before a bride can be able to pull off this magic, the best wedding planner has to be on hand.

In this century, it is an unforgivable crime in the ‘wedding world’ for a bride to come up with disappointing showers. Once the wedding proper is over, all that the bride and groom will be left with are the memories. That is why it is extremely important that one get it right when it comes to the wedding planner Brisbane. With the right planner in place, there will be no sleepless nights over either the bridal showers, shades of the interior decor or the matching dresses.

With the correct and appropriate wedding planner Brisbane, the bride will surely have every single moment of the special day captured on lens and on video. It will surely be very painful if some special moments were left out of all the recordings! Now that the importance of the experienced wedding planner has been established, it becomes imperative to add some hints and tips on ways to ensure all works out precisely.

A bride can ensure various ways for her perfect day to go as planned. When hunting for the planners of the wedding, be sure to find the right one that can cater to your desires and needs. It is always nice to opt for something simple. Then work it up all the way to the top on a more grandeur scale. Ask your planner to check the various wedding boutiques around the city and visit their websites to get more information. Ask for the best advice and tips on how to nail the best wedding planner in town and you will be amazed as to the number and quality of valuable responses you will get.

Once a wedding planner Brisbane has been tracked down, that is the time the real task begins. It is always very helpful to be in constant communication with the planner. Discuss everything, from the floral patterns to the arrangement of cutlery on the tables, and even to the genre of music to entertain the guests. In other words, one common mistake that many make is to assume that the entire job is strictly done by the hired planner. This is not what really happens. A wedding is a very special event and you are the main feature of this glorious moment! Be best of friends with your wedding planner, express yourself, unleash your creativity, and see how superb that Cinderella wedding would be!

Planning a wedding is a great responsibility and it will use up all of your time and energy. Weddings are expensive because there are so many aspects to planning a marriage successfully. If you want to enjoy the wedding, the only thing you have to do is hire a wedding planner. Professional planners make the arrangements for marriage easily and they also make sure the event is carried out exactly as planned. Today, wedding planning has become a career.

While weddings are special moments, but they occur with a great deal of tension. Hiring a planner takes that tension off your shoulders. A marriage planner will prepare the everything you need to have for the wedding of your dream, which includes all the accessories, table arrangements, decoration, music, lights, food and more. The most important thing to be considered for a planner is to check the availability of the preferred place. So it is necessary for every marriage planner to take each decision quickly. A perfect planner will listen all the demands of his client and take a good decision easily to make his client’s dream a reality.

All wedding planners have different packages and they are not too expensive. If you are trying to plan a wedding on a budget, a planner will create plans that are within your requirements. A professional marriage planner helps you to decide the budget and guide you about the types of wedding within your budget. He doesn’t come as a shock for you. A good planner will arrange all the special things for the bride or groom within the budget because he is able to understand the needs of his customer and he can create a better version of your dream wedding.

A wedding is something you have experienced just once in your lifetime, then it is important that everything is perfect. A highly professional wedding planner, who has successfully planned many weddings, knows exactly what you want and he knows how to make your wedding day a memorable experience. He is the person going to be a major part of your marriage, so you will feel more comfortable working with the planner that you can trust.

A highly professional planner provides a complete solution to planning your marriage ceremony from beginning to the closing. He will collect all your personal accessories from the vanue so you enjoy your after party. He can make your event enjoyable and stress free with the right planning and he will discuss about the budget, style, vanue, photography and video, catering, transport, flower & decoration and bridal wear at an initial meeting. By hiring a professional matrimony planner, you can make your wedding day beautiful and memorable, but make sure the person you are going to hire as a marriage planner must be associated with the reputable service provider.

Orchid for me is the ultimate symbol of beauty and poise. They have been my favorites ever since I remember. As my mother reminisces it captured my fancy as early as a 10 month-old baby when my father bought a bouquet of orchids for my mother on their anniversary. I played with it for hours and hours. Even when they had dried, I wasn’t ready to part with them. I guess I had decided at that tender age to have an orchid wedding later on in life.

When the moment arrived, I did not have to ponder much on the theme of the wedding. In fact everyone knew before I told them. But, the toughest task in life is to put your thoughts into action. It is the toughest hurdle to be crossed. Though I had decided to have an all orchid wedding, it remained undecided how to implement it in my budget. My crusade started the day I got engaged. I had some six months and a lot or work was to be done.

To get over this, I visited the World Wide Web and had a closer look at all the various wedding decors using orchids. Though white is my favorite color, I was not sure whether or not to have an all-white wedding.

The next big thing was to use it well. I met a wedding designer friend and shared my desire with him. He asserted on using two or more colors in the decor with the white orchids to add drama to it. I liked his idea and gave my nod. The next few days were truly tiring.

Here’s what we did

The designer friend helped me in planning without charging a penny. Contrary to the belief that flower theme weddings are expensive, mine wasn’t. I am sure you all would want to know how?

First off, we went to a local florist.

Remember; always choose locally grown and seasonal flowers. Find a local florist, one who is also good at decoration. Hiring him would mean that you save a lot of money extorted by the hefty wedding planners.

Then all of us sat down to plan how we could use orchids at different places.

The bouquet

Off course, this was on the top of the bucket list. If you have forgotten, it was my wedding. This had to be the best and I asked him to make an exclusive bouquet which he did. Have a look below.

My bouquet was made from white orchids dendrobium and cymbidium orchids mixed with sea grass and hypericum.

The bridesmaids carried green orchids as they wore a different color dress. Together, we all made such a lovely picture.

The cake

The wedding cake too incorporated my favorite flower. It was decorated with green orchid flower.

Next, decor of the venue

I chose one of the wedding venues in long island. It was simply awesome.

I selected red, purple, blue and white orchids for centerpieces. Have a look at what my florist did with my idea. Isn’t it amazing?

The entryway table had a nicely prepared orchid centerpiece – eye-catching and pleasing.

Tall arrangements of phalaeonopsis orchid lined up the aisle at the ceremony.

As I wanted different arrangements for different tables, he made it possible by designing different centerpieces for different tables.

This was one of the tables. Look what he did with the other and specially the bride-groom table. It was done in accordance to my instructions as I wanted to have a big centerpiece for the main table – truly breath-taking.

At another table, flowers raised above the table created magic.

One of the centerpieces had only one stem symbolizing less is more principle.

One of the tables had a centerpiece with very few orchids combined with greens.

Submerged orchids make a bold statement.

Hope the aforementioned information is of help to the couples getting married soon.

India is a land in which several religions reside and various languages spoken and in all religions weddings are serious affairs of each person’s life. It’s a great saying that “marriages are made in heaven” and also it’s a prime event in life which can never be forgotten. It’s a way to unite two souls with some vows for the entire life. And the most important factor in that “Indian marriages are full or religious act, rituals and many ceremonies. It’s a combination of tradition, celebration and happiness. We can say that India is a big pot of many religions like Jainism, Buddhism, Christianity, Sikhism, Islam and many more and in these all religions marriages ceremonies vary.

On the basis of the regions there are many types of Indian marriages like: Northern, Eastern, Southern and Western Indian Wedding. In all these major regions still there are many types of marriages, tradition, rituals.


North Indian marriages have their own style of grandeur and significance. In North India the main function is at bride’s home, mehnadi, sagai, mangani and many more. In northern fire is believed a purifying element for all rites and rituals. In Northern side groom puts Mangalsutra and vermilion on grooms head. After that, both bride and groom make rounds around the fire as- Saat Phere promising to be together forever and also in front of the fire and their parents they promise some vows.


At South Indian marriages, flower and fragrance play an important role. Doors and even house are decorated with flowers and lighting. The Guest is welcomed by sprinkling rose water in order to give them fragrance. Kolam is a type of Rangoli designs which is made at the doorsteps to show happiness in their life. Instead of Varmala, bride and grooms present each other by flower bouquet.


Western part is a combination of many regions like Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Maharashtra. Wedding is the only major function in these areas and almost they have the same tradition. It is quite similar to North Indian Marriages. Gujarat is the centre point of Western marriages. Pre- wedding: Haldi, Sangeet are the main functions and on the wedding day when wedding is about to complete, bride’s father pushes the car in order to do “vida” her daughter.


Eastern part is a collection of some states like West-Bengal, Assam, Bihar, and Orissa. East Indian People believe in Vedic rules and regulations. The Hindu believes that there are four stages in life, of which “GRAHASTHA ASHRAM” is the second one. It is the stage where the actual meaning of life is understood and also explained. In the Eastern part Bengali marriages is most famous. The tradition of Bengali wedding is different from all the traditions in India.

And in all marriages People need a gorgeous, stylish Designer wedding cards so that will add some stars in the marriage.

There are so many choices for your ‘wedding breakfast’ it might seem daunting to start thinking about it. The first thing that you really must do is to set your budget. The food you offer should then be tailored around your budget.

If you are looking at hotels to have your reception in then look at the menu choices fully before you make your decision. Price can vary hugely and is sometimes not in proportion at all to the cost of room hire! Most hotels will offer a 3 course (or more) formal dinner. This can cost a minimum of 30 per head. So for 100 guests that would mean a minimum of 3000 just on food. Make sure that you ask for a tasting session and that you are really happy with the standard of the food compared with the cost. Also seek assurances that they can cope with serving all your guests with this quality in a reasonable amount of time. Think careful about your choice of food. Will it appeal to everyone’s taste? Sometimes it can be very tempting to have something unusual or modern but as the ages of wedding guests usually varies greatly it might be safer to opt for something more traditional.

Some hotels will allow you to offer guests a choice of food. This could be a really good idea as it will mean more people’s taste can be accommodated. Do bear in mind the additional effort and cost of sending out and receiving back the menu choices. People are notoriously bad at completing this type of task and you will need to be on the ball and organised. Do ask for a guarantee that your menu choice will not be withdrawn. It is not uncommon for the chefs at venue to come and go and for the new ones to completely change the menu. Some of my couples have had their choices withdrawn fairly close to their big day and this has caused extra stress as new choices had to be sought from all the guests.

A top money saving tip is not to serve a starter, this will also cut down on the time needed to serve your meal too. If you are planning to have a roast dinner for your guests then why not ask if the venue can provide a carvery. It’s a great option and as it’s easier for the venue to provide and serve then it should be cheaper. Your guests won’t mind going up to collect their food but do think about those with special dietary requirements and also make sure the venue are organised and ready to send the tables up in waves, starting with the top table of course! It might be nice to see if they will serve the top table though. Another cost effective option is a buffet. These can start from only 10 per head for a finger buffet. Do think about the time of day and what sort of meal your guests might be expecting. For example will your buffet replace lunch, if so it may need to be more substantial? If you are planning on providing food later too, your first buffet will need to be different to your second one. Many venues offer a hot buffet, for example a lasagne, stew or similar with potatoes and/or chips and probably offering veg or salad too. This would then allow you to have a finger buffet later. If the weather is probably going to be ok then your venue might be able to do a barbeque, served with lots of fresh salads and all the usual trimmings. This should be cheaper than a traditional three course sit-down meal.

If your ceremony is later in the day then your meal may be a substitute for tea and will probably be the only food you provide. In this case then a finger buffet should suffice. Do discuss the buffet fully with the venue and ask to see a sample menu. Check what is included and make sure it was have a nice variety on offer, including a selection for those with special dietary needs. Don’t forget even if you are having a buffet you will need to think about seating and if there won’t be enough seats for everyone then check that the food will be easy to eat whilst standing.

You might be thinking about providing your own food; do think about this very carefully as it is a huge amount of work in the week leading up to the wedding especially and also on the day of the wedding. Due consideration has to be given to food safety too, bearing in mind that hot and cold buffets are fraught with dangers and there are strict rules governing their service. If you are also planning to dress the venue yourself then add in this extra work too, which will probably be done the day before or on the morning of the wedding. It will also necessitate some clearing up and unless you want to be doing this on the evening or first thing the next morning then you will need to hire the hall for a few days. Linen, crockery, cutlery etc. will all need to be hired (unless the hall provides it) and this will be an extra cost and an extra job (collection and return!). A great option is part you, part someone! For example a hog roast or a fish and chip van. You could then provide the salads, side dishes and desserts yourself.

Some couples opt for a guest provided buffet. With their invitations they request a certain ‘dish’ or ‘item’ from each guest instead of a wedding present. In this way you can compile a whole table full of beautiful food. There are a few things to think about though (any some of these apply to DIY food too).

  1. Gathering replies from people to make sure all your requested dishes will materialise and of course taking action to fill any gaps if people can’t bring what you asked takes time and organisation.
  2. Organising how &when food will be dropped off.
  3. Refrigerating (as necessary) the food in the time between it is dropped off to when it is served.
  4. Laying it all out after the ceremony and labelling it in case of dietary requirements or food allergies etc. Remembering to provide serving spoons etc.
  5. The clearing up, washing up and returning hired crockery etc. will need to be done. The obvious thing would be if it can be done so that people pick up their dishes as they leave. If not gather together lots of plastic bags in advance and give them their dirty dishes! Otherwise you will be left with the headache of returning everyone’s dishes.

It’s a great way to provide your food, it should save you a lot of money and your guests will enjoy contributing and eating great home cooked food.

Whatever you decide for your food, think about the organisation and logistics carefully, make sure anyone who has agreed to help is reliable and always have fall-back plans. Most importantly make sure it fits in with your budget.

The Alluring Agapanthus

I can see you, my fair bride to be,

A glorious beauty, shining beside the sea,

The agapanthus and your beautiful face,

A gift from nature, imprinted all over this place…

Picture yourself transcending across the beach with the blue ocean and sky, aligned with settings of the alluring agapanthus wedding flowers. You can almost see the love in your bride’s face, reflected in each flower as radiant beams shine from her face. How can you not be in love with the arrangement of this beautiful wedding flower? As you walk along the sand, holding her hand, you know this moment will last forever. The reason this wholesale flower is so meaningful is because of a few things. First, it comes in heavenly shades of blue and purple, blooming into small clusters of tubular petals. Second, the name itself is derived from the Greek, meaning flower of love. Lastly, this precious plant in esteemed by many South African tribes for its magical powers in fertility. It is also called the lily of the Nile.

Something about this flower is magnetically full of passion. It is almost as if the one you love, bearing them in her arms is drawing you closer, you move in and the desire of passion enflames the hunger for her love. Nothing can be a greater proof of your love. The agapanthus has a certain allure that whispers magical words of inviting desires. Depending on the color you may choose, the mood perhaps may change the meaning of the message. For instance, blue means can mean peace, openness, serenity. Pink can mean grace, happiness. Purple can mean dignity, pride, success. Red can mean desire, strength, passionate love, beauty, courage, and heart. White can mean innocence, humility, reverence, and simple beauty. Yellow can represent joy, and light-heartedness. Orange can mean energy, enthusiasm, and warmth. Green can mean health, resilience, good fortune, and youth. Lavender can mean royalty, grace, and elegance. There are so many things that different colors can represent. Depending upon what you want to say to the one you love and the message you want to portray, choosing the right color is almost as important as choosing the right flower. The right color may also depend upon what the color represents to you.

Whole Blossoms Wholesale Flowers can help you pick out the right wedding flowers. The advantage of wholesale flowers is that they come fresh to you and have a vase life three times longer. Also, the DIYWedding Flowers can provide the choicest wedding decorations. You can choose an agapanthus as the flower of your and let the bride to be see how beautiful she is in your eyes as she radiates like the glow of the sun upon her beautiful agapanthus flowers.

Please allow this moment of declaring your love become reality by allowing Whole Blossoms Wholesale Flowers become you choice in wholesale wedding flowers. Please order your online flowers by contacting us at wholeblossoms.com and purchase these beautiful discount wedding flowers.

The problem is that you need to know how to love yourself unconditionally, because this is the only method that you can “conquer” a woman.

What are the “buttons”?

It is not like having your own charming machine, but every woman has her buttons that need to be pushed. Here are some ideas that might help.

1. Touch emotional subjects

Subjects such as childhood and her plans on long term, and talking about the passions of her is a good idea. They are all subjects that would awake her interest about you.

2. Women want a leader

While you talk, take over control and don’t be afraid to impose the subject of the discussion. Even if she might be annoyed, she will see that you are the leader. Don’t overreact! If she does not want to talk about her mother, don’t push the subject just to show that you can obtain what you like.

3. Be careful about gestures!

All the clues given by a woman are in her gestures! All the non verbal reactions are there. For example, if you sit too close to her, you might spit her when you talk, and she will definitely show you that this is annoying.

4. Be charming and funny, not a buffoon

Women like men with a sense of humor, but sticking a spoon on your nose is not a classy joke. It is a huge difference, and a gentleman knows it.

5. Be a gentleman

Women love the attention, but too much of it will make you a puppy! Play with her, put her on fire, and create the flirting atmosphere.

6. Be intimate but not invasive

Women like men that are able to take the discussion to intimate “places”, but this does not mean to ask her if she is shaved…you know where. Intimate talks must be about her soul, her feelings and her desires, not about her earrings and hidden piercings.

7. Show her that you can read her

You can express your opinion about how you feel and what you like, as women like to talk about themselves, but also men which can hear. Nodding your head in a boring and continuous “Yes” is not a way to express attention.

8. Don’t overreact with compliments

Talking about her shoes or about her dress is one thing, but talking about her incredible looks all the time it is just too much. The line between compliments and “ass liking” is thin, so be sure not to cross it.

9. What you need to avoid

The interview questions are just annoying. It is normal for you to be curious, but putting here in a string of questions will definitely annoy her.

10. Rephrase

“Where are you from?” Oh, yeah, a real inspiration. You can use “you don’t seem to be from around”. This shows interest, leaves mystery and allows her to express.

Wedding day is the most important and memorable day in the life of any individual irrespective of the fact that you are a man or woman. It is not true that only women have dreams and desires related to their wedding, but men also have some aspirations related to their marriage preparations.

Engagement - the proclamation mutual agreement of lovers to marry. After this they had the right to be called the bride and groom.

Origin of engagement should be attributed to the time when the payment of the price for the girl stopped immediately followed by the issuance of her to fiance or the head of his family, and the marriage broke up into several independent domestic rituals, religious ceremonies and juridical acts. Unlike the wedding (the solemn transfer of woman), engagement since that time becomes a contract, in which the heads of families of the bride and groom completely agree to marry their children, set its conditions, exchange real or symbolic ensuring of its agreement (deposit, which usually was a ring) and perform other solemn activities which generally accompanied by ancient contracts.

In Russia, the engagement or agreement was the most important pre-wedding rite. Parents sat opposite each other and a few minutes remained silent – it was customary. Then, they make a bargain.

If the bride was of noble origin, on this occasion in her house was given the ball with treats. The bride’s father represented the bride and groom to the audience , announced of their engagement. Then everyone present in turn approached them with official congratulations. On this day, the groom gave the bride a ring with any precious stone.

In a more modest urban families engagement was not as lush. Usually on this day happened formal introduction of parents of bride and groom, and then was done blessing. Often the bride and groom blessed priest.

At the villages the engagement necessarily attended close relatives . Parents blesses bride and groom with the icon, then took place the traditional exchange of bread and salt. Thereafter, father of the groom and the bride’s father in turn weighed seven nods, hit each other’s hands and publicly promised to do the rest in agreement .

Immediately after the parental blessing bride came out on the porch and bowed seven times around, informed to gathered near her house neighbors and girlfriends that she completely betrothed.

Today, such as the rehearsal stage of engagement can be rarely observed. But optionaly the young can make a dinner or a party. Traditionally for engagement are invited relatives and friends who are desired to inform about the upcoming event. Groom on the day of engagement can give a ring to the bride. This ring, adopted by bride, confirms the intention of both to get married.

The emcees or the masters you hire for any ceremony really play a vital role in making any wedding reception a big success. In most of the wedding parties held in Singapore, the emcee is one of the deciding factors for the hosts. These people are therefore either remembered with fondness or simply a matter of dismay as per their performance they have during the party. However, hiring a good Emcee can really make your wedding reception party a hit and successful. In fact, hiring a good wedding emcee is really very important these days for many reasons. Indeed hiring a good emcee can for sure be called as a good investment.

A good emcee is able to organise the event perfectly. Well, every host who throws the wedding party is in a big worry about the success of his or her party. However, hiring a good emcee can really turn out the things. The emcee simply shares loads of the responsibilities of host, right from taking care of the main guests to the managing the entire flow of the program. This simply ensures smooth functioning of the wedding, which relieves the host from the burden. Thus in this way, investing your money in hiring a professional emcee can really make a great difference.

Another way these people can help the host is that they simply end up making the crowd lively who had come down to attend the wedding reception party. Since in Singapore, you can find the guest attending the wedding receptions fall into different age groups, backgrounds and at time even of ethnicity. Such mixed audience has to be dealt smartly and luckily the emcees are smart enough to handle such people fully and satisfactorily. You can find the balance in entertainment for everyone.

The other important reason of hiring these people is that they have the natural talent of engaging people of any age or background. They are smart to entertain people and keep the busy while you being a host busy in checking a number of other things in the party. Plus you have to meet each and everyone coming into your party, hence entertaining rest of the people or all the people at one time can be time consuming and daunting task for you. At such junctures, you have professionals like emcees who take care of this job. They interact with everyone and keep the guest busy and engaged, which means they simply take away lots of your burden so that you tread a smooth and hassle free time in your party.

In this way, you can find out how hiring an emcee for your wedding reception party plays a big part in your party. While you are busy doing a couple of other things and meeting and cheering important guests of the day, the emcee do take care of everyone and keep them engaged during the reception party. In this way, you have so many reasons to hire these professionals for your wedding reception party.